Why Have A Wedding Planner?

why-have-a-planner-pageEven before he pops the big question, you already have a pretty good idea of what you want for your wedding but now you need someone to bring all those ideas to life. Whether you are a local bride and know the area or you are a bride who is planning to have a destination wedding in Far North Queensland. Below is a list of all the things that Maid of Honour Wedding can do for you to ensure that you enjoy your engagement and the lead up to the Big Day!

* finger on the pulse

Part of being a really good planner is knowing the best in the wedding business. Now think about this for a second, how many wedding photographers do you know? Or celebrants? Or venues? I bet that not too many of you can answer those questions. Well that is where we come in, we attending networking events, showcases, organize venue viewings and keep up to date with all things weddings! And you know what, we love it!

* timeline & scheduling

Even though every wedding is different, most follow the same kind of timeline. Bec will be able to guide you through (plus much more):

– When you need to secure your reception venue
– When you need to book all your suppliers by
– When to send out your “Save the Dates” and “Invitations”
– When you need to order your Wedding dress!

Bec will also write up the timeline for your Wedding Day down to the minute and coordinate with each supplier so that every supplier is aware of what is happening at any particular moment and where they need to be. You will not need to worry about a thing!

* budgeting

This is such an important part of your planning process and quite easy to get a little out of control. Well not when you have Bec looking after this for you. When the quotes and contracts start coming in, some couple are just not aware of how much it is going to be in the end. We can explain as to why things are going to cost as much as they do, what an acceptable price is and how to save money where we can. All these little things add up and it is essential that you have Bec looking after you spending very closely so that you don’t end up blowing the budget. She will also remind you when payments are due and you will end up saving money in lots of area’s that you never saw possible.

* time (or lack thereof!)

We all know that planning a wedding takes a lot of time, lots and lots of time! It is estimated that to plan a wedding takes up to 200 hours (and from my personal experience, sometimes even more!) Most couples these days both have full time jobs and finding the time to sit down together and plan is near impossible. This is when couples get stressed and all of a sudden planning a wedding doesn’t seem so much fun. We are here to make sure that doesn’t happen! Planning your wedding should be just as fun as the day itself, and having Maid of Honour Weddings looking after all the details for you will ensure this happens!

* managing a crisis

Even the best organised plans can sometimes be thrown into chaos! From Natural Disasters, personal disasters, family problems or logistical problems.. all of these things can and will be rectified by Maid of Honour Weddings. We have handled all sorts of crazy situations before and we have an unlimited amount of tricks up our sleeves to deal with anything that is thrown at us.

* your best friend and confidant

Having Bec as your Wedding Planner will see you become Best Friends, your confidant, your advisor and your wingman (or wingwoman!) She is able to tell you what colours work well together and how to handle those family members (forgive me!) who are driving you a little crazy. She can accompany you to tastings, dress fittings, supplier meetings and run errands if required. Bec is there to be the person for you to lean on and trust knowing that everything is being handled by the best person possible.

* the small stuff

This one is really a no–brainer, because people really do go a little crazy when planning a wedding. Everyone has heard of the term “Bridezilla” but it’s not just the bride who can go a little crazy – the groom, related families and the bridal party can as well as they all feel the pressure. This is why you need Maid of Honour Weddings to take all the pressure away and along with this we are able spot a logistical problem a mile away. We will also draw your attention to things that you may not have thought about, such as a wet weather back up or catering for guests with special dietary requirements and how to handle any last minute problems which might come up. We will ensure that everything is in the exact spot where it should be.

* planning a destination wedding

Cairns and the Northern Beaches really are one of the most beautiful locations to get married! We can connect you to the best suppliers in the region and send you links and photos of the area. We will handle all the details for you while still keeping you fully informed and involved throughout the whole process – all you will need to do is arrive on the day!

* turning your dreams into reality

As we mentioned above, most of us ladies have our weddings planned out in our heads (or on Pinterest!) long before we actually get engaged. But how do you rein all those ideas in and turn them into a reality. This is where we come in by using things such as Mood Boards, Pinterest and layouts to help you fine tune all your concepts and pull it all off with ease.